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Ford caught posting propaganda on AMERICAblog

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Well, it's nice to know Ford is reading AMERICAblog and that they're so worried about our work that they're now posting misinformation anonymously in our comments section.

But someone at Ford really needs to take a lesson in Internet 101. First rule, don't use your Ford workplace computers to place your anonymous propaganda in our site's comments section because we know your IP adress and can trace it back to, as we just did.

It all started when astute AMERICAblog reader Margaret smelled a rat. Someone was posting in defense of Ford in our comments, and they just sounded a bit too good to be true. Knew too much about Ford, but at the same time wasn't acknowledging they were at Ford - wouldn't a Ford employee say, even anonymously, "Hey, I work at Ford, they're really not that bad"?

So, I decided to poke around and found the original comments by someone named "Wake Up" - Wake Up craftily refered to Ford as "they" to make it sound like "they" weren't even writing from Ford:

But after about a, oh, 5 second search online I discovered who really posted that comment:

Nice try though. And thanks for playing.

Though I am enjoying the fact that Ford is now calling the American Family Association "bozos."

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