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Bush is on an anti-leak rampage and the press finds no disconnect

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Hello. With all this feigend outrage about leaks, does anyone in the media remember that the White House leaked the name of an undercover CIA agent who worked on WMD? Quick refresher for the MSM: Two of the most senior White House officials, Scooter Libby and Karl Rove were the leakers. So, how does Bush have any credibility ranting about leakers:

Mr. Bush strongly hinted that the government was beginning a leak investigation into how the existence of the program was disclosed. It was first revealed in an article published on The New York Times Web site on Thursday night, though some information that administration officials argued could be useful to terrorists had been omitted.

"We're at war, and we must protect America's secrets," Mr. Bush said. "And so the Justice Department, I presume, will proceed forward with a full investigation."
I swear, the media, including too many reporters who cover the White House, are just pathetically weak and incapable of any serious reporting. If they're mean, they might not get a pet nickname from the President. That would ruin their credibility.

I keep thinking about what John Murtha said about the Bush team: Just because they said it, doesn't make it true. That is, unless you're in the MSM.

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