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Viveca Novak's testimony supposed to help Rove

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Busy day, so we never got to the Washington Post article claiming that the testimony of Viveca Novak from Time Magazine was going to help exonerate Karl Rove:

The reporter for Time magazine who recently agreed to testify in the CIA leak case is central to White House senior adviser Karl Rove's effort to fend off an indictment in the two-year-old investigation, according to two people familiar with the situation.

Viveca Novak, who has written intermittently about the leak case for Time, has been asked to provide sworn testimony to Special Counsel Patrick J. Fitzgerald in the next few weeks after Rove attorney Robert Luskin told Fitzgerald about a conversation he had with her, the two sources said.
This didn't make much sense to me. More spin from Rove's team?

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