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UK preparing for Official Secrets Act trial this week

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Blair is getting desperate and doing exactly what Bush would do, if he could do it, by going after the press for printing embarrassing stories. Remember how Blair had his thugs arrest a Labour MP a few weeks ago for vocalizing his thoughts on Blair's reasons for going to war? During that little event where the MP said "rubbish" Team Blair had him arrested by using the anti-terror laws, clearly abusing the basis of those laws to mistreat a frail old man who dared criticize. Blair and his little group are tarnishing the UK laws by using them for frivolous actions and just like his master in DC has no idea what he is talking about when he talks about freedom and democracy.

Blair is losing it and is trying anything and everything to keep his grip on power. Too bad Poodle-boy, you've crossed the tipping point just like Bush. Quit abusing the law and worry about what you are actually doing instead of those who criticize you.

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