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Suu Kyi to remain under house arrest in Myanmar

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As long as Big Oil continues pumping oil without any interruptions from do-gooders who worry about silly things like human rights abuses, Suu Kyi won't be leaving house arrest for a while. Lucky for the world we have leaders from the US, France and UK and other Big Oil countries who are not blinded by the silly requests by the people who actually want to see democratic results respected and enacted. Can you believe it? People want their vote to count? Oh well, maybe next century politicians will care and not worry about the oil money that finds its way into the political system.

In the mean time, Suu Kyi and her supporters can wonder why the world doesn't give a crap about freedom and democracy in Myanmar and the Myanmar government can continue its program of human rights abuses including torture, rape, slave labor and disappearing people. The West is going to have a lot of explaining to do one of these days.

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