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Senate GOPers now want Iraq answers from Bush

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While Bush is ranting about Democrats who question his Iraq policy, Republican Senators are asking the same questions:

The proposal on the Iraq war, from Senator Bill Frist, the majority leader, and Senator John W. Warner, Republican of Virginia, chairman of the Armed Services Committee, would require the administration to provide extensive new quarterly reports to Congress on subjects like progress in bringing in other countries to help stabilize Iraq. The other appeals related to Iraq are nonbinding and express the position of the Senate.

The plan stops short of a competing Democratic proposal that moves toward establishing dates for a phased withdrawal of troops from Iraq. But it is built upon the Democratic approach and makes it clear that senators of both parties are increasingly eager for Iraqis to take control of their country in coming months and open the door to removing American troops.
This action by the Senate completely undermines the current White House strategy of attack and smear opponents. If not, he has to also attack the Republicans in the Senate. He'll have to add John Warner to his list of those who are they trying to in Bush's words "endanger the troops."

The person who most endangers our troops is Bush. And, his biggest problem is that most Americans believe that. That's why the GOPers in the Senate are willing to buck him. They have to run for re-election. He doesn't.

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