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Republican Senate leader Bill Frist thinks Bush is doing a "very good job" in Iraq

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If you think George Bush is doing a "very good job" in Iraq, then be sure to vote Republican in next year's congressional elections.

From the DSCC:

1) Frist Said There Are 91 Iraqi Battalions. This morning, Frist said, “a year ago we had five Iraqi battalions, and now we have 91.” [“Today,” 11/15/05]
FACT: General George Casey Says Only ONE Iraqi Battalion Is Prepared to Work Independently From U.S. Forces. Last month, General George Casey said that the number of Iraqi battalions that are prepared to operate independently from U.S. coalition forces had dropped from three to just one. The rest of the Iraqi battalions are not yet operating at levels that would accommodate U.S. troop withdrawal. [CNN, “Late Edition,” 10/2/05; Senate Armed Services Committee Testimony, 9/29/05]
2) Frist Said Senators Don’t Know About Progress in Iraq. Frist said that “the American people and most of my colleagues” don’t know about the progress that is being made in Iraq. [“Today,” 11/15/05]
FACT: Last Month, Republicans Cancelled Intelligence Briefing on Iraq. Last month, Senate Republicans abruptly cancelled a scheduled briefing on Iraq by the Director of National Intelligence. Senator Rockefeller responded to the cancellation: “My colleagues and I requested this briefing from the intelligence community because, to date, administration policy makers have not been completely forthcoming about the situation in Iraq. … Democrats and Republicans alike want unvarnished information and we want answers. The American people deserve answers.” [Rockefeller Press Release, 10/5/05]
3) Frist Thinks Bush is Doing a “Very Good Job” in Iraq. In response to whether he thinks the White House is being held accountable enough in terms of what’s going on in Iraq,” Frist replied, “Well, I think the White House is actually doing a very good job…” [“Today,” 11/15/05]
FACT: According to the latest Newsweek poll, 65% of Americans disapprove of the president’s handling of Iraq. [Newsweek, 11/12/05]

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