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Keeping Track Of Bush's Lies: A Full-time Job

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Here's the latest on the NYT columnists you can't read for free anymore.

Frank Rich does a great rundown of the latest info on how Bush lied to the American people in the runup to war. He provides links to that engrossing LA Times story from last Sunday on how the Bush administration knew the Iraqi informant Curveball was a discredited source but kept championing his lies anyway. Rich also links to the new National Journal article that lays out the Bush, Rumsfeld and Cheney lies linking Iraq to Al Quaeda and what they were being told by the CIA et al at the time. Then Rich links to a terrific Rolling Stone piece on John Rendon, Bush's "general in the propoganda war." Yep, staying on top of Bush's lies is a full-time job.

Nicholas Kristof continues to focus on the genocide in the Sudan, where the death toll is already in the hundreds of thousands. Anytime Bush claims to be promoting a culture of life, bring up the Sudan.

And David Brooks writes a truly idiotic article about a brave US captain who took part in a battle for an Iraqi town. Brooks writes about the battle in detail and then notes that it all proved in vain because the soldiers won the battle but didn't have enough troops to secure the town and had to do it all over again weeks later. Brooks writes: "Every time you delve into the situation in Iraq, you come away with the phrase 'not enough troops' ringing in your head, and I hope someday we will find out how this travesty came about."

Then he complains that the media never tells stirring stories about warriors like this captain. Uh, this "travesty" came about because you supported a President who ignored the advice of his generals, punished anyone who called for more troops and tried to secure Iraq on the cheap, regardless of the cost in blood to our soldiers. And the media doesn't tell stirring stories about bravery because -- as you just described -- they take place in a backdrop of incompetence and futility.

As a conservative myself, I can't decide who I hate more -- Brooks or Tierney. Can you?

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