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Is "last throes" Cheney in his "last throes" in DC?

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With favorable ratings below 20% and the mouthpiece for the many lies about Iraq, Cheney seems to be in trouble. With all of his predictions about Iraq now proven to be false and his leadership in the pro-torture movement he now represents the epitome of all that wrong about this failed adventure in Iraq. Perhaps that is why he spends so much time at his new home on the Eastern Shore instead of in Washington, though the locals would rather Dick and Lynne found a new location to annoy people. Considering the conservative nature of the Eastern Shore where the GOP is strong, it's impressive to think that they have become so unpopular so quickly with their new neighbors.

So what's up with Cheney? Is he too much of a political liability or is he sick again or perhaps he's occupied with the Plame-gate scandal. With the administration already having crossed the tipping point with the US public, maybe he is only sticking around to maintain those core supporters because he certainly is not helping with the other 80%. More power to him and I hope he sticks around for a while. Especially through the 2006 elections.

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