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Early AM Open Thread

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So how was everyone's Black Friday? Get in any fights at Walmart yesterday? From The Mercury News:

Police were eventually called to calm unruly shoppers who climbed over a display case and shouted in a desperate effort to get their hands on one of a couple-of-dozen Hewlett-Packard notebook computers -- on sale for just $22 off the regular price of $400.
Here's a great wrap-up of Great Days in Black Friday History from The Baltimore Sun:
Such spirited scuffles have become a predictable, if perverse, part of the season - as traditional as fruitcake and eggnog. The shopping skirmishes can be traced back at least a generation, when the desire for an adorably homely Cabbage Patch Kid doll outweighed the desire to follow the Golden Rule. Even embarrassment spurred by media reports about the combatants hasn't been enough to deter the fights over toys and parking spaces.
Open Thread Away!

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