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Dear British Press: Please get us the secret memo

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I have friends in the UK that can help out, and there are lots of other options. Please consider emailing me, or feel free to find another way for us to talk about this - I want that memo. I've done interviews with the BBC and lots of American media, folks know how to find me.

Something as easy as going to a public Internet cafe or library (with appropriate baseball hat and sunglasses - you guys have those crazy cameras everywhere I hear) and emailing me a photo image of the document (scanned image, digital camera image, whatever) from a Hotmail account you create on the spot, that would work too, and there's no way the govt can trace that to you. The best they can do is perhaps trace it to the Internet cafe, but if you don't sign in to the cafe under your name or pay with a credit card (even better, use a free public library's Net access), and you create the Hotmail address on the spot, the authorities will never find you.

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