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Cheney continues to alienate his new neighbors

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Big surprise there. Dick and his delightful peach of a wife have already built reputations as annoying neighbors amongst the locals in St. Michaels and now he's continuing to expand his list of pissed off neighbors with the security zone around his new house on the Eastern Shore where he seems to be all of the time. A security zone in the middle of nowhere Wyoming is one thing but down on the Eastern Shore which is just a short drive over to DC and there are so many more people around not to mention the popularity of St. Michaels among weekenders. What's next? No boaters allowed on the Miles River or near the Cheney estate? We're probably not hearing about it because it's off season and the boats are all in dry dock but just wait until next summer when Dick wants to continue spending almost all of his days down there instead of in DC.

Most people living down there prefer discretion, something that does not come naturally for the Cheneys so this is going to get interesting.

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