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Bush/Schwarzenegger homophobe ally links gays and pedophiles

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It's always nice to know that Bush's and Schwarzenegger's allies in America's Taliban will play one card too many and expose themselves, yet again, to be the radical, fringe bigots they really are.

The latest hate-filled salvo is from Lou Sheldon's Traditional Values Coalition Web site:

Sheldon, you'll recall, was one of the top guys behind the Terri Schiavo fiasco. He also is mixed up in the growing Jack Abramoff scandal where he alegedly got involved in some not-very-Christian things. Sheldon is one of the top religious right leaders, and Capitol Hill Republicans listen to him.

You'll also appreciate Sheldon putting this photo next to a bunch of Nazi-quality science linking gays and pedophiles.

You support Bush, you support Arnold, you support the Republicans in Congress, then you support these hate-filled idiots too. It's time for people in the middle and fair-minded Republicans to decide what kind of an America they want.

Is this really what the GOP stands for: bigotry and treason?

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