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Bush duped by China, again

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Eager to deliver news about something other than the unpopular war in Iraq or yet another administration scandal, Bush is now trying to claim that somehow he has something to show for his efforts to have the Chinese yuan devalued again. China has played this situation brilliantly, dragging their feet on letting their currency float on the world market like other countries and making adjustments, very minimal adjustments at that, only when political pressure forces them to do so. Then at public meetings like Bush's visit China will offer more lip service to currency valuation without saying much more than that, thus going to back to foot dragging.

I have to hand it to China and Hu Jintao because this is a team that really knows how to play the game of international politics, making our own Dear Leader look like an absolute fool and completely duped but without kicking him publicly as they do with Japan. Bush is going to leave China with nothing more than words and no action. Who's side is he on anyway? Maybe he's busy lining up multi-million dollar speaches in China for 2009, much like Reagan did with Japan after he wrapped up his two terms.

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