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Blair in major fight with his own party

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After being soundly defeated earlier this week in Commons, Blair has lashed out against MPs who blocked his plan to hold terror suspects for up to 90 days and now they are fighting back. And of course, what kind of butt-kicking would be complete without attacking those who just defeated Blair, implying that they are soft on terror and love terrorists? Sorry Tony, but you've already played that card which is why you are where you are today. Time to step aside.

Cabinet ministers rallied to Mr Blair, but senior backbenchers were furious about his comments and warned he must "listen more" to secure planned changes to education, health and welfare. Some rebels privately likened him to an "out-of-touch" Margaret Thatcher in the period before she was ousted in 1990.

David Winnick, a Labour MP who successfully proposed a 28-day detention limit on Wednesday, said: "The idea that those of us who voted for 28 days - the majority of MPs - don't understand the terrorist threat, that we are soft on terror and don't understand the menace from the mass murderers poisonous nonsense. Not one single life of those innocent people murdered on 7 July would have been saved if it was 90 days."

Peter Kilfoyle, a former defence minister, said: "Any reality check should start at No 10. The Prime Minister is out of touch with his own party and both Houses. He can't keep playing the loyalty card. He said after the May election he had listened and learnt. If he listened, he hasn't learnt the right lessons."

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