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Another neocon mess/scandal in Iraq?

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Good grief, do the neocons and GOP always have to have the US taxpayers fund their experiments in politics? If they want to fund the clowns that provided the US with false information about pre-war Iraq let them do it with their own money and let the neocons go and fight and die for this nonsense. The US Air Force is now recognizing that they made a mistake when they handed out a $45M+ no-bid contract to fill Iraq with translators who were political exiles, no doubt with ties to the bogus information that was used for starting the ridiculous war in the first place. It's quite clear that the GOP and their wingnut leadership cannot be trusted with US taxpayer money or any political process either at home or abroad.

"Our Defense Department has continued to pay, through pliant contractors, for a flock of Iraqi political exiles as our paid political agents in Iraq," said Charles Tiefer, a government contracting professor at the University of Baltimore School of Law.

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