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Alito's has problems with one man, one vote

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Okay, the fact that the concept of "one man, one vote" is even at issue in the nomination of Scalito should be disturbing enough to derail his nomination:

One of the mysteries still hanging in the confirmation battle over Supreme Court nominee Samuel A. Alito Jr. is his view of a landmark case that established the legal principle of one man, one vote. The answer varies depending on when you ask -- not to mention whom you ask.

In 1985, when Alito was applying for a political appointment in the Reagan administration, he wrote that he disagreed with decisions by the Warren Court in the 1960s involving "reapportionment." Those rulings required electoral districts to have equal populations and helped ensure greater representation of urban minorities.
Now, the White House is claiming that Alito is telling Senators he's fine with one man, one vote. But how can they trust anything Alito says to them? Alito has a proven track record of telling the Senate one thing, then doing the opposite.

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