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Alito has problems with ethics -- as in telling the truth to the US Senate

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Bush thinks Scalito is the best choice for the Supreme Court. Bush also harbors traitors at the White House so why should we believe him? Alito told the Senate under oath that he WOULD NOT rule in cases involving Vanguard:

Alito serves on the 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Philadelphia and has most of his money in mutual funds. When he joined the court in 1990 he told senators he would avoid cases in which Vanguard Group was a party.
Alito heard a case involving Vanguard anyway. Then, he was indignant when challenged. You know he's busted because the spinmeisters at the White House can't come up with an answer:
Senators questioned him about the 2002 Vanguard case, which was the subject of a conflict of interest complaint filed by the woman who lost her lawsuit. Alito withdrew after first ruling against her and the decision was reaffirmed without his participation.

Alito and the White House have offered several explanations: that a computer glitch allowed the disqualification issue to slip through undetected, that Alito's 1990 pledge to stay out of Vanguard appeals only applied to his initial service, and that the promise was "unduly restrictive."
Bottom line: Scalito told the Senate one thing, then did the opposite. He can't be trusted. Being honest with the Senate should be a prerequisite for serving on the highest court in the land.

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