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The WMD threat in Jordan and other WMD lies

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The Libby indictment is making plenty of people re-examine some of those terrifying WMD stories that have cluttered the media during recent years. Just like the WMD story from Iraq, guess what? Yep, same old, same old. The GOP crazies had been looking for stories that would scare the hell out of Americans and get them lined up behind their agenda and they needed something shocking to do this because how else could you mobilize support for such radical policies? With the absolute failure to deliver any results with WMD in Iraq, they tried (and still try) to locate and suggest other WMD threats around the world, preferably in locations and situations that are impossible to prove with Syria often making the list.

Almost forgotten in the pack of lies strategy has been scary story of a WMD plot in Jordan and talk of the 2 mile mushroom cloud. Perhaps the reason is has been forgotten is because again, it was a pack of lies meant only to scare people despite a lack of evidence of any serious WMD threat. Now that is it obvious to anyone not wearing blinders that the neocons have been manipulating the American public through the media to wreak fear across the land, the MSM is revisiting some of these so-called plots and exposing them for what they really are...lies.

Looks like the high times of the smear and fear crowd are slipping away.

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