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Well, then, keep up the good work, Karl Official A

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Apparently, everyone at the White House is breathing easier now that Karl hasn't been indicted. They're also claiming that the scandal never ever interfered with his work:

Although Mr. Rove had reportedly been distracted by the investigation, several of his colleagues said Friday that in fact he had been engaged in his work all along. They denied that the case had caused any preoccupation contributing to the two central political disasters of recent weeks: the federal response to Hurricane Katrina and the crash-and-burn of Harriet E. Miers's nomination to the Supreme Court.
So Karl's been engaged all along, and had a hand in both Katrina and Miers debacles. Then, keep it up, Karl. See if you can match your work product on those two stellar performances. See how much lower you can get the approval're already in record low territory.

But, don't get too cocky. Fitz is still watching you, "Offical A."

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