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WaPo links Rove/Libby and has the whole cast

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Washington Post has a long piece that expands upon the AP article that Chris posted below:

White House adviser Karl Rove told the grand jury in the CIA leak case that I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby, Vice President Cheney's chief of staff, may have told him that CIA operative Valerie Plame worked for the intelligence agency before her identity was revealed, a source familiar with Rove's account said yesterday.

In a talk that took place in the days before Plame's CIA employment was revealed in 2003, Rove and Libby discussed conversations they had had with reporters in which Plame and her marriage to Iraq war critic Joseph C. Wilson IV were raised, the source said. Rove told the grand jury the talk was confined to information the two men heard from reporters, the source said.

Rove has also testified that he also heard about Plame from someone else outside the White House, but could not recall who.
The Post article gives a recitation of some key facts and it named a lot of names. All the key players in the Bush Admin. have been tainted by this scandal in some way. These are all the different players that appeared in today's article:
President Bush
Vice President Cheney
Karl Rove
Scooter Libby
John Hannah, "an aide to Cheney"
Ari Fleischer "former White House spokesman"
Mary Matalin, "a former top Cheney adviser"
Catherine Martin, "[Cheney's] former communications adviser"
Jennifer Millerwise, "[Cheney's] former spokeswoman"
Scott McClellan "spokesman"
Dan Bartlett "senior adviser"
Adam Levine "former communications aide"
Colin L. Powell "then-Secretary of State"
Stephen J. Hadley "Bush's national security adviser"
Andrew H. Card Jr. "Chief of Staff"
Condoleezza Rice "then-national security adviser" ,
Karen Hughes, "adviser"
Nicholas Calio "White House director of legislative affairs"
George J. Tenet "Former CIA director"
John E. McLaughlin "ex-deputy [CIA] director
Bill Harlow "CIA public affairs director"
The one name missing in the Post article is David Wurmser, a Cheney aide, who Raw Story reported is cooperating with Fitzgerald. Wurmser has ties to another Bush favorite:
Wurmser, Cheney’s Middle East advisor and an assistant to then-Under Secretary of State for Arms Control and International Security Affairs John Bolton, likely cooperated because he faced criminal charges for his role in leaking Wilson's name on the orders of higher-ups, the sources said.
Anyone else missing? I didn't include Judith Miller and Novak because they didn't officially work for Bush, although they were part of the team.

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