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Scalito: "Activist Conservativist"

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Bush just lied saying that Scalito didn't want to make the laws from the bench. Not so say those who have tried cases in front of him. From US News:

Alito's conservative stripes are equally evident in criminal law. Lawrence Lustberg, a New Jersey criminal defense lawyer who has known Alito since 1981 and tried cases before him on the Third Circuit, describes him as "an activist conservatist judge" who is tough on crime and narrowly construes prisoners' and criminals' rights. "He's very prosecutorial from the bench. He has looked to be creative in his conservatism, which is, I think, as much a Rehnquist as a Scalia trait," Lustberg says.
With the nomination of Scalito, we can see Republican's true colors:
  • Replace O'Connor with a woman? Bah, who needs that, let's go with a man who wants to curtail women's rights - it'll make Sandra proud she decided to leave during Bush's administration!
  • Don't like "activist judges"? Too bad, this one's a Republican, so he's OUR kind of activist judge.
  • Believe in separation of church and state? Screw off, we want our Ten Commandments.
Republicans believe in nothing. It's war.

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