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Libby and Cheney used to Carpool

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So how close is Libby to Cheney? According to the Washington Post:

No one would ruminate on the record about Libby's motives, but there is speculation that perhaps Libby is falling on his sword to protect Cheney, not only his boss, but also a personal friend. The two ride into work together in Cheney's motorcade most mornings. Although Libby testified otherwise under oath, his own notes indicate that it was Cheney who first told him that Wilson's wife worked at the CIA. What is not known is whether Cheney was aware of -- or sanctioned -- Libby's effort to discredit Wilson and his wife.
Aww, how cute. They used to carpool together. But hey, indictment of Libby isn't a big deal.

You can try with Scalito to "push the reset button" Mr. President, but as more and more of this comes out at trial, it's going to be death by a thousand cuts. And don't worry, we'll be there to pour salt in every single one of them. Just to make it hurt.

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