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GannonGuckert interviewed Amb. Wilson BEFORE the WSJ article ran

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GG has been implying, but not directly saying, that he "may" have heard about the classified State Dept intelligence memo mentioning Valerie Plame from a Wall Street Journal article that mentioned it. Only problem, Gannon's interview with Wilson, in which he asked Wilson about the article, occured weeks BEFORE the WSJ article ran. Oops.

Why does this matter?

1. It suggests that Gannon found out about the classified information from someone else, not the Wall Street Journal. How did classified information concerning Valerie Plame reach this very unclassified individual? Did someone in the Bush administration tell him? And why did Gannon suddenly switch his story to imply that he heard about the memo from the WSJ - what was he trying to hide?

2. What did Gannon tell the FBI investigators about the memo? If he lied or tried to obscure the truth, wouldn't that be obstruction of justice?

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