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UPDATE: A word about our advertisers. A number of you have asked if clicking on our ads, or the ads on any blog, "helps" us raise more money. Well, yes and no. It's actually our number of visitors that really helps us raise more ad money, so the most important thing you can do is come to the site regularly and tell your friends about us. BUT, having said that, yes, clicking on ads does help as well, since advertisers like to see their click-throughs, i.e., the number of people who actually visit their site via our site. Now, rather than just click for the heck of it, I wouldn't mind if folks clicked on the ads and read the sites that they take you to. Most of our ads are from folks you'd be interested in anyway, or in the case of Absinthe, liquor you'd be interested in anyway :-) So why not check it out. Thanks, JOHN

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This video blog provides an invaluable service to the blogosphere. I can literally email these guys about some show one of you mention in a comment, and within a few hours the clip in question is up on their site. Amazing. The thing is, bandwidth costs money, and videos take up a lot of bandwidth.

(For you non-techies, bandwidth is like water flowing through a hose, where the water represents the amount of information you're downloading from the Internet. In the case of Web videos, they're so damn large that you need a lot of bandwidth to provide them to visitors, meaning, a lot of water has to flow through that hose to provide the entire video to thousands of visitors every day. Now, Web sites pay monthly fees based on how much water flows. In our case, if we weren't on Blogger, we might have to pay as much as $1500/month for bandwidth. uses even MORE bandwidth than us because videos are so large, and they have to host their own site, so they pay for their bandwidth. Now you get the picture.)

Anyway, this is C&L's fundraising week. Throw them some love if you can :-)


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