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CNN NewsNight Covers Rove Story

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Watched CNN's NewsNight New and Improved "With Aaron Brown and Anderson Cooper"

In a report "End Game?" Aaron Brown does some great reporting. In an almost five minute piece, Brown summarized the timeline of the Plame investigation hitting on all the key points. While I'm sure that some on the comments will find fault with it, I argue that they did a great job bringing the public up to date and covering the full scope of the investigation just up to the point of the larger conspiracy story that is still brewing. Which is EXACTLY where we want them to be.

We know from Matt Cooper and Time that Rove told Cooper about Plame. We have Judy Miller telling the Grand Jury that Libby told her (at least) about Plame, if not by name. That's a HUGE story unto itself, and the public, which has been paying little attention, now has plenty to sink their teeth into. If there is more, we'll find out later, right now we already have more than enough.

Following the set up piece, they went on to a whole bunch of interviews. Bob Bennett for nearly another five minutes, then Jeff Greenfield and Alex Jones, former Times reporter for four more. All in all, nearly 13 minutes of coverage. All about Plame. Six months ago, who would have thought...

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