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Authorities Ignore Clear Warnings Of Terrorist Attacks

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This time, it's the 1993 terrorist attack on the World Trade Center and the authorities are the Port Authority responsible for security in the buildings. A jury just found them negligent for avoiding obvious security measures.

During the four weeks of testimony, the trial focused on a 1985 report by the Office of Special Planning, an antiterrorist task force convened by Peter Goldmark, who was the executive director of the Port Authority from 1977 to 1985.... After a visit to Scotland Yard in London that year, he wrote a memo saying that Scotland Yard was "appalled" that there would be public transient parking beneath a facility like the World Trade Center.

The report concluded: "A time-bomb-laden vehicle could be driven into the W.T.C. and parked in the public parking area. The driver would then exit via elevator into the W.T.C. and proceed with his business unnoticed. At a predetermined time, the bomb could be exploded in the basement. The amount of explosives used will determine the severity of damage to that area."
Naturally, the PA ignored the report, the major recommendations and most of the compromise recommendations. Wow, top officials ignoring reports spelling out what could happen if they don't take precautionary measures. Sound familiar?

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