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AMERICAblog classified ads to help small blogs, etc.

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In order to make them more available to small blogs, cash-strapped individuals, and others, I've lowered the price of our text-only classified ads - you can see them in the left hand column further down - to $25 a week. But in order to guarantee that the classified ad space is available to help the "little guy," I will no longer accept classified ads for large non-profits, highly-trafficked blogs, or anyone else who has enough of a budget to buy our premium or featured ads (the top ads in the left and right columns).

That means, if you're a small blog, have a pet Web site you want to promote, or just want to wish your boyfriend or girlfriend or spouse or dog a Merry Fitzmas, you can use the classifieds to do that. As always, I retain the right to not approve any and all ads - I don't want garbage up there - but I plan to be pretty lenient about this little experiment, at least at the beginning, to see how it plays out.

A small aside. This isn't about making money - $25 a week isn't really going to matter with our monthly costs. Rather, I've decided NOT to make the ads free so that we can avoid everyone and his brother ordering ads that would crowd out the ads that truly can help small blogs, etc.

You can order a classified here.

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