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Your opinions of Bush's address, real time

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Weigh in here once the chimp starts speaking.

Ok, a number of folks in the comments have asked if Bush buttoned his shirt wrong, i.e., the shirt on the right hand side looks like there's an extra button hole. I think they're right. From AP:

Ok, I got bored at 4 minutes after the hour, seriously. Now he's 13 minutes in and I'm totally lost. This should have been a short and sweet speech. And by the way, did he take responsibility anywhere in this speech? Oh here we go, 20 minutes into the speech, he's responsible.

"It was a not a normal hurricane and the normal disaster relief system was not equal to it." Ok, now we're hearing excuses again. So, when Osama sets off a chemical, biological or nuclear weapon in an American city will that be a "normal" devastating attack or an abnormal one?

Ooh, he just avoided endorsing the GOP plan for their own partisan study of the Katrina disaster. He said he'd work with Congress to look at the problem, he never said he was endorsing the GOP plan, that's interesting, but might have been an oversight.

PS You've got t-shirts...

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