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Yet another reason why this team can't be trusted

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How about their favorite subject, 9/11? After that disaster, the GOP controlled government offered relief via bank loans to those impacted by 9/11. Those silly folks in NYC probably thought that meant them, but loans to NY only made up 11% of the five billion dished out. Instead the money was handed out by banks who just happen to be large campaign donors and who have their tasty chunk of pork coming with the bankruptcy bill next month, to people across the country including the 9/11-needy country radio station KBFS in Belle Fourche, South Dakota and Little Dogs Resort & Salon in Utah.

And for those who had trouble connecting the tax payer backed loans to 9/11, administration hacks were there to help. The lost money from Iraq and the cronyism that is already striking in Louisiana and Mississippi is easy to understand because it's always about helping their political donors. To hell with average Americans, again and again and again.

SBA officials declined comment on documents showing one of their top officials promised banks back in 2002 that there would be a no-questions-asked approach to Sept. 11 relief loans.

SBA officials acknowledged they gave little oversight to the second program, called Supplementary Terrorism Activity Relief, leaving banks to determine who should get loans.

"They had personnel at our conference stand up and say if you cannot find a reason to move the loan over to the STAR program, contact us and we'll help you find a reason to move it over, because they had insufficient funding," recalled Tony Wilkinson, president of the National Association of Government Guaranteed Lenders.

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