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Washington Post article concludes that Bush pretty much destroyed FEMA

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It's a long article and a must-read. I suspect one of the boys will summarize it in the morning. It's from Sunday's Washington Post and is incredibly damning.

In a nutshell, Bush destroyed FEMA. FEMA and others have been worried for a long time about a looming disaster in New Orleans, but the administration gave those concerns short shrift. Even Bush's former head of FEMA admits that what happened to New Orleans was the one big event other than a terrorist attack that always worried him. Then why is that the new head of FEMA and Bush and Homeland Security now claim they never expected this to happen?

Because they're liars, and because Bush is inept and nothing more than a figurehead. And because of their lies, and because of Bush's total unfitness for any job other than serving as ceremonial queen, people died.

At least Bill Clinton never killed anybody.

Nor did Bill Clinton go on vacation in the middle of one of the largest disasters in American history. Never forget that fact. No matter what lies the White House and FEMA and the Dept of Homeland Security spew, all we need do is respond with one simple truth: George Bush went on vacation while he knew Americans were dying and an entire American city was being wiped off the face of the planet.

This man has lost any right to be our president.

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