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Saturday in New Orleans with Kyle, our on-the-ground correspondent

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The Corner of Bourbon and 82nd (Airborne)

An 82nd airborne soldier stands watch during a routine patrol in the French Quarter. The city is essentially now made up of media and relief workers who are kept safe by the military and hired gunmen.

Five-fingered Discount

This formerly was a gas station off of I-610. Now, it looks like an apocalyptic wasteland. A full six pack of Corona bottles sat between two pumps around the corner.

Lake George Boat ramp

Above is an exit ramp off of I-610 in New Orleans. Those two giant army patrol boats on the incline were new additions to the search fleet. The men in the blue shirts are rescue workers from Riverside, California. They had just finished a full day of going house to house looking for people and bodies.


A Riverside Fire Department rescue worker gets his boots cleaned off after working in toxic water all day. The detox process involved washing their boots with soapy water and light bleach solution followed by general use of common anti-bacterial soaps.

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