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Poll: focus on America & government can't handle safety of US

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Of course, just how much do we really want this team to put their attentions on the US after their failed response to Katrina, not to mention the failed war in Iraq and the delicate economy. Americans are captivated by Katrina and want action. Highlights of the new Pew poll include:

  • More than half of Americans now say it is more important for the president to focus on domestic policy Â? the first time since Sept. 11, 2001...
  • Two-thirds said the president could have done more to get relief efforts going quickly...
  • Four in 10 said the response to the hurricane has made them less confident about the government's ability to handle a major terrorist attack.
  • 58 percent, say they have felt depressed because of what's happened along the Gulf Coast. Pew polling indicates that at no point during the Iraq war has that high a percentage of people said they were depressed because of the war.
  • People were divided on those who took things from homes and businesses after the storm Â? equally likely to say they were trying to survive or criminals taking advantage of the situation.

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