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Jon Stewart Agrees With John Aravosis

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Jon Stewart covered the weekend anti-war protest in DC. Stewart could have mocked the MSM's coverage of 100,000+ people marching on Washington -- most press photos I saw barely hinted at the size of the protest, stories were buried deep inside newspapers, and many also included sizable references to the counter-protest by war supporters without making clear theirs was pathetically small in comparison (hundreds of people as opposed to hundreds of thousands).

Did Stewart do any of this? Nope, he made the same point John in DC did -- that poorly organized protests with people wandering around the podium and with speakers raising every unrelated issue under the sun make us look stupid.

Stewart: On Saturday, a 100,000 strong peace march descended on Washington seeking to crystallize America's dissatisfaction with the war into one single idea.
Clip of young male speaker: Peace!
Stewart: Okay.
Clip of male speaker: Justice!
Stewart: (pause) Fine.
Clip of male speaker: Environmental protection!
Stewart: (pause, confused look on face)
Clip of male speaker: No racism!
Stewart: (dumb-founded, and then says in Valley Girl-like voice) Dude! I didn't hike from Oberlin for this.
Stewart then mocked the organizers for following Cindy Sheehan's speech with a poet and then said, "All in all, a rather disorganized protest that no doubt cheered conservatives."

Happily, Stewart DID mock the absurdly small counter-protest, something the MSM failed to do properly. But when Jon Stewart believes -- just like John in DC -- that throwing in every issue under the sun at an anti-war protest is stupid, people should listen.

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