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Is GOP media partly responsible for New Orleans disaster?

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Remember 2 days ago when Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of staff, General Myers, blamed "all those headlines" claiming that New Orleans had "dodged a bullet" as the reason he and the military and the entire US government didn't respond in a timely manner to the Katrina catastrophe?

Astute reader Jean just pointed me to this article:

Hurricane slams ashore,
N'Orleans dodges bullet
Storm downgraded to Category 2, flooding traps residents on roofs
Posted: August 29, 2005
12:10 p.m. Eastern
The source? WorldNetDaily, the far-rightwing online news source used by a lot of GOP Kool-aid drinkers.

Wouldn't it be ironic if our top general is getting his news from second-rate GOP propaganda organs, and worse yet, wouldn't it be ironic if those same propaganda organs were therefore indirectly responsible for triggering at least part of the government ineptitude?

I'm not saying WorldNetDaily is the media the general is referring to, but it would be ironic if it did.

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