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DeLay has his "I am not a crook" presser

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It's always partisanship when the GOP gets in trouble:

"I have done nothing wrong ... I am innocent," DeLay told a Capitol Hill news conference in which he criticized the Texas prosecutor, Ronnie Earle, repeatedly. DeLay called Earle a "unabashed partisan zealot," and "fanatic," and described the charges as "one of the weakest and most baseless indictments in American history."
Um, kettle, this is pot, you're black.

So, the maestro has given all his lackies the talking points. It's all partisanship. In a way, he's right, but he's got it backwards. He is in trouble for partisanship. But the partisanship that got him in trouble was his own. He's so obsessed with GOP rule, that he was willing to break the law. That's what partisan fanatics do.

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