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Bush speaks in NO

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Bush just made remarks at the NO airport. Hey, he said, "There's a flow of progress." Most would say the flow has been a trickle.

Then, he made a big announcement, "We've secured the convention center." Christ, like he conquered Baghdad.

He wanted everyone to know there's a lot of people working hard. Now, he didn't indicate he is one of them. We all know how that his job is "hard work"...he told us that many times last fall.

He let us know, "I'm not going to forget what I've seen." Then, a brilliant analyis, "It requires more than one day's attention."

"There will be a national response," the President said. To which, Americans should ask why there hasn't been one already. But, he was on vacation when this started. And, he actually made a joke about how he used to come to New Orleans and have too much fun, yuk, yuk, yuk.

The man is an idiot.

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