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Bush can't have it both ways

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I just received an excellent email making an excellent point from Luke.

1. Bush, through the director of FEMA, FOX News, and other surrogates, is pushing the spin that the people of New Orleans brought this disaster on themselves by NOT evacuating the city.

2. But Bush is also pushing the spin that no one could have known the disaster would be THIS BIG, so it's unfair to blame Bush for not preparing adequately for the disaster.

3. But if no one could have known the disaster would be this big, then why should we have expected people to evacuate the city?

If we are to blame the citizens of New Orleans for not taking such an "obviously" serious and imminent disaster seriously, then our president should have recognized the same imminent disaster and taken the appropriate preparatory steps. He didn't.

So which one is it, friends of Bush. Should people have anticipated the disaster in advance or not?

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