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$100M in stock unloaded by Frist hospital insiders

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Impressive numbers indeed. What's really interesting here about the timing is that this group of insiders (not including Frist, that I can see at least) is that the last time they dumped so much stock was in 2002 just before the stock tanked by 30%. The local coverage is really giving a lot of leeway to the insiders and Frist when it comes to the "just by chance they sold" type of reporting. Sure, we can't get inside the head of people for knowing the reasons why they sold but let's be honest about this. When insiders dump $100,000,000 of stock in a short period of time there is something very suspicious happening. Frist gave the order to sell everything he owned in the middle of this sell off.

It's clear that Frist's so-called blind trust was not quite as blind as they would like us to believe and Frist has family on the board and it's a hospital that was started by his family. Now where are all of those that wanted to see Martha burned at the stake? We should expect them to be jumping up and down every night on TV as they did during her investigation and trial.

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