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Newsweek's CW: Bush has gone overboard on 9/11

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Newsweek's snarky, weekly column, "CW," which they tell us is "an informal distillation of the ever-changing thinking of Beltway pundits and the chattering classes." Basically, it's the buzz among the MSM and other DC smarty pants. This week, they give Bush a down arrow noting:

His "9/11 link" pro-war offensive is getting offensive. What he's selling, America ain't buying.
Okay, I won't rant about how the MSM has let Bush use 9/11 as a political tool for almost four years now. I will just say, if the MSM is cluing in that Bush is overplaying the 9/11 references, then he is in trouble. Scary thing for the White House is that they have nothing justify Iraq, now.

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