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Mockery Of The Fallen: Why No Outrage?

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USA Today described that rancher harassing Cindy Sheehan with shotgun blasts as "a little excitement." And now Bush's neighbors are running over crosses erected as memorials to fallen soldiers? That is outrageous. I don't care what political group you belong to. Trashing CROSSES - and crosses devoted to our dead in Iraq -- is unconscionable.

How does Bush feel about his neighbors? Does he support or condemn trashing of memorials devoted to the soldiers who died in Iraq? He couldn't be bothered to go to a single funeral or even the mass memorial in Ohio. Bush didn't even bother to send a representative. And now his neighbors are running over crosses placed in remembrance of those soldiers. If he doesn't get angry and condemn these despicable acts, isn't he telling his neighbors to keep it up? And any paper that downplays this as some sort of prank is crazy. If Cindy weren't on the left, Fox News would lead with this every hour on the hour for days. Imagine someone on the left RUNNING OVER CROSSES. Where is the outrage?

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