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Lives Of Women Endangered By Politicians

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A study in the Journal of the AMA determined after looking at hundreds of scientific papers that a fetus up to 29 weeks is unlikely to feel pain and there's no need for anesthesia during abortions. Laws in numerous states are demanding that anesthesia -- one of the most dangerous and difficult of procedures -- be administered anyway. Two thoughts:

1. This is just like the "debate" over evolution. There is no scientific evidence for creationism but they insist the mountains of evidence for evolution are "incomplete." There is no evidence anesthesia is necessary during this procedure but the far right will insist the mountains of evidence saying it's not needed is "incomplete."
2. This is not about abortion. Anesthesia is very tricky to administer and can endanger lives. Politicians are endangering the lives of women unnecessarily and without any medical evidence to back them up. They will literally be killing women to make a political point. Whatever you think about abortion or any ethical issue, dangerous and unnecessary medical procedures should be administered only on the advice of a doctor and because sound medical evidence says it's needed, not because some politician wants to score points.

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