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Extremist US politics damaging AIDS war in Africa

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Considering the ongoing FDA battle against the modern world, it should be no surprise that the UN special envoy for HIV/AIDS in Africa is pointing the finger at the US for a condom shortage in Uganda. Uganda has often been held up as the example by the wingnuts of how Africa should fight against AIDS, using the ABC program. I was horrified to see US taxpayer money in action around South Africa where the US funded billboard advertisements promoting abstinence instead of condoms. Sure, promote abstinence but as a primary method of addressing the problem? C'mon, what ever happened to the real world? Wasn't it always the GOP who criticized Dem's for being pie-in-the-sky?

Considering the seriousness of the problem across Africa, holding back condoms can and will have a very serious and deadly impact. The question then becomes whether or not the extremists running the US give a damn about the life and death struggles of Africans or if they would just rather test political theories on them.

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