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Bush uses Radio Address to talk to Cindy Sheehan

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What a wuss. Can't meet the woman face to face, so he uses his bully pulpit to talk to her. First, he had to include his old lie that Iraq was tied to "September the 11th":

The recent violence in Iraq is a grim reminder of the brutal nature of the enemy we face in the war on terror. Our mission in Iraq is tough because the enemy understands the stakes. The terrorists know that a free Iraq in the heart of the Middle East will be a crippling blow to their hateful ideology. And that is why our work in Iraq is a vital part of the war on terror we're waging around the world.

This war on terror arrived on our shores on September the 11th, 2001.
Almost unbelievable that he can still get away with linking Iraq and 9/11....and it shows that the White House is grasping when they haul out that argument.

Then, Bush has to obliquely refer to those who have suffered losses in Iraq.
In recent days, we have seen again that the path to victory in the war on terror will include difficult moments. Our nation grieves the death of every man and woman we lose in combat, and our hearts go out to the loved ones who mourn them. Yet, even in our grief, we can be confident in the future, because the darkness of tyranny is no match for the shining power of freedom.

The terrorists cannot defeat us on the battlefield. The only way they can win is if we lose our nerve. That will not happen on my watch.
You have the nerve to invade Iraq causing the deaths of other people's kids. But you don't have the nerve to drive down the road to talk to Cindy Sheehan. You are one tough cowboy, George Bush.

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