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Bush Stole 2000 Election, 2004 Election and They'll Do It Again

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Paul Krugman talks about the obvious: that Bush lost Florida and lost the 2000 election, the Republicans suppressed the Democratic vote in Ohio in 2004 and given the chance they'll steal it again in 2006 and 2008. What's truly shocking is that real election reform isn't a priority FOR EITHER PARTY.

Election supervisors at the local and state level must by law be non-partisan and unaffiliated with either party. Period. Every district must have the same share of voting machines based on voter population. Period. Every machine must produce a paper trail that the voter can confirm. Period. (Heck, I'm all for throwing out all the machines and sticking to a paper ballot -- cheap and easy to store. Who cares if we have to wait three days to find out who the president is?) Those choosing the machines must not be able to later work for the companies they bought the machines from. Period.

Why is no one from either party pushing for very reasonable, common sense reforms like these and numerous others that have been bandied about in the press? Why don't voters care?

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