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Bush Speaks...finally...He's really worried about gas and oil

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Did anyone watch the President? Exhibit A as to why the Government is overwhelmed. First, he recited a list of the facts about the he had just learned them himself. But, hey, he saw the devastation....he asked the pilot of Air Force One to fly over the gulf coast. He asked that himself, he told us. And he was devastated.

The one thing that caught my attention was the emphasis he placed on the problems the oil companies are having. The AP caught that, too:

President Bush is warning Americans about the nation's gasoline supply, saying everyone must understand that Hurricane Katrina has had a significant effect.

Speaking at a White House news conference, the president stressed that Katrina has disrupted America's ability to both make and distribute gasoline.

To try to ease the problem, Bush says the Environmental Protection Agency has granted a nationwide waiver for fuel blends. He says that will make more gas available and take some pressure off skyrocketing prices.
What's he trying to tell us? He should be challenging the oil industry not to gouge...and not to screw with the American people. He should, but he won't.

This gas thing is going to get really ugly...really, really ugly. And Bush's pals in the industry better not be reaping windfalls.

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