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Why won't the press corps ask the White House About the Rove Scandal?

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Okay, today, finally, the Washington Post covered Rove's involvement in the Plame affair. A page 2 story had this headline: "Questions Remain on the Leaker and the Law: Rove's Talks With Time Writer May Be a Focus"

Not a bad article either. Now, believe me, I am not one that thinks the sun rises and sets on reporting by the Washington Post, but it is the daily newspaper here in DC which most people read...especially "insiders."

Even the Associated Press is talking about Rove in the scandal:

Rove's name resurfaced in the past week, with his lawyer saying that Time magazine reporter Matthew Cooper spoke to him in the days before the name of CIA undercover operative Valerie Plame was first revealed by columnist Robert Novak. The Bush White House has denied since the issue first came up in 2003 that Rove was involved.
So this story is catching on...ever so slowly. That might cause you to ask how the White House has handled this mess. Guess how many questions the White House press corps asked about Rove this week?

ZERO according to Think Progress.

No questions about one of the biggest scandals to hit the White House...involving national security, no less. How many questions did the WH press corps ask about Whitewater? Are they that afraid of Karl?

There's a reason Rove thinks the press are patsies.

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