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We're melting, we're melting....

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Even more evidence that global warming is real. If I didn't have to live on this planet, I'd think it ironic that Bush and his cronies were helping destroy the only home they have. Unfortunately, it's the only home WE HAVE too.

The other day, I happened to finally watch the movie "The Day After Tomorrow." You remember, the one where the NYC and the Statue of Liberty are frozen over, and the Republicans all flipped out last year saying the movie was a fraud. Well, apparently the science in the movie was a bit fanciful, but nonetheless, that flik freaked me out. I thought it was pretty good, disaster movie-wise, and nothing like a good movie to help you imagine the worst case scenario.

I'd recommend folks rent it, then get really pissed off at the Republicans for ignoring what they're doing to destroy our only home. And then, if you're a foreigner, get mad at your own country for letting George Bush push them around on this issue. Uzbekistan has bigger balls than Europe when it comes to standing up to Bush. Come on, guys.

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