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The President We Might Have Had

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A very good op-ed on Bush vs Gore, pointing out how Al Gore's top priorities were right in line with the needs of America -- Gore touted hybrid cars and energy conservation and renewable sources (Bush mocked the hybrids that are now a huge profit center...for foreign companies), Gore would have used the power of the marketplace to get cheaper prescriptions for seniors (rather than benefitting the pharmaceutical companies), Gore would have used the now-squandered budget surplus to strengthen Social Security, rather than simply trying to destroy it and on and on. Very well done. And here's the kicker on terrorism:

Would a Gore administration have connected the dots and prevented the horror of 9/11? That, of course, is impossible to assess. What is crystal clear: No administration could have done worse than Mr. Bush and his people.
Thanks to threader Laura Bee for pointing us to this.

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