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Open thread

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Just got back from the movie "Wedding Crashers" with Joe and friends. It's okay, if you like dumb guy comedies, except that there's a gratuitously homophobic thread running through the movie that's kind of surprising for a movie made in 2005. One character is gay, and pretty much the freak of the movie. He's a sexual predator, a weirdo, looks weird, acts weird, doesn't socialize with other, sexually messed up, you name it. To Joe and me, at least, it felt real gay "Amos and Andy." I.e., Just gratuitously stereotypically "hey, look at the fag and laugh."

In any case, the movie seemed kind of dumb anyway - and not nearly as funny as the review in the Washington Post. But I hadn't heard about the blatant homophobia. And I hate to go all PC on a movie, but it was an unnecessarily side plot to start with, so making it poking fun at the freak homo only made it worse.

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